Pet Portraits

I love working with all types of animals and highlighting all of their peculiarities, elegance, goofiness, and general joy that they have about them. This is also why I have chosen in many instances to work in a studio type environment whether that actually be in my studio or on location. That being said if you have an area that creates the perfect scene then that's where we need to be!

My specialty is creating pieces that are printed, meant to be seen and looked at within your home everyday. I offer sessions within my studio, on location and at select areas around Denver at my Pet Pop-Ups. If you're curious to know more about my approach and what to expect keep reading, if you're ready to jump right to the numbers reach out here!

What to expect

The best thing you can do for your pup or pet in most cases is to give them some exercise, we don't want them so tired they can't sit up but if this is the first time they've been out today the shoot may become a little more exciting then we need. We also want to make sure they have some water and have been outside prior to the session, sometimes it's a little nerve wracking to get in in front of the camera. Make sure to also bring any of your pets favorite toys and or treats, they make great props and will help to get and keep their attention. 

During the session I will use treats and toys that you have brought to keep everyone focused where they need to be, I also have my secret weapons, peanut butter, squeaky toys and ridiculous sounds, please let me know if there is anything your pup may not agree with. Not to worry, any and all animals are great at taking photos regardless of how well they know sit. I've done work with rescue pups of all sizes and some of those pups have much bigger hearts then manners but we always capture something amazing!

After the session or event, photos will be ready within 10 business days, usually sooner. At that point you will be able to access them and decide which package, prints and additional digital photos you may wish to purchase, to see a more detailed breakdown of my pricing please reach out!

Let's talk!

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