A little about me

Photography is my passion, finding it in high school I quickly found this was more then just a hobby and I went on to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography, specializing in large format film and portraiture.  Right out of college I was shooting high volume commercial studio work and eventually decided that it was time to pursue another passion, fine art and galleries. I went back to get my Master’s in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Arts Advocacy and the Public, both of my degrees from CSU, go Rams!

I am a headshot and portrait photographer from Denver, CO. I have photographed everything from whitewater kayaking and rodeos to high end studio work and concert photography. My favorite photography moment was at Snowball Music Festival in Winter Park when I was able to photograph and interview Portugal.The Man. My scariest moment was the first time I stood next to the shoot of a bull pin while I was photographing the Junior National Rodeo Bull riding finals.
When I’m not taking photos, you’ll find me  exploring Denver’s food scene with my wife, our favorite places right now are Bar Dough, Avanti and Stoic and Genuine. If we aren’t exploring the food scene we are out finding the newest mural, wandering the streets of First Friday or grabbing a beer from DBC. 
I’m also a dog dad and will be more than happy to show you lots of photos of my two rescues Reagan and Stella. 

How to make your Resume Stand Out

Here is a great article with lots of helpful tips on how to help make your resume stand out when you’re battling it out among the hundreds of other resumes that are also trying to get the recruiters attention. Like I’ve said before, we all make judgements based on what we see and headshots on LinkedIn, your resume and anywhere else does matter. After all someone is seeing it for the first time and making an impression of you from that image. If your curious to hear all my suggestions and some other great tips check out the article here and make sure to check out my suggestions at the bottom!

When I’m not taking Portraits

One of my favorite things to do when not photographing headshots is to experiment with and teach traditional photographic processes. Here was an interview and demo I did for Colorado & Co. about a Cyanotype workshop I’ll be putting on at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival coming up next week. If you’re in town feel free to stop by on Sunday from 1:30-3:30 and come make a Cyanotype with me!

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