At the session

I want you to leave my studio elated with the photos we created. To accomplish this I have designed a process that allows for you to feel truly welcomed, not rushed and allows for your input every step of the way. I do not take the approach of stand against a white wall and smile, I want this to be an experience in and of itself, because your headshot should do just as much for your career as you do, if not more, and that cannot be captured in a grip and grin style. To create that experience I only take on a small number of clients per week to ensure a personal touch that enables us to create the exact image, look and feel that you are wanting to create with your headshot.


The session fee is $200, this fee holds your spot on the calendar and includes all of the following before and during the session:

- Unlimited outfit changes

- Unlimited time

- Consultation before the photo shoot to discuss wardrobe, hair, makeup etc.

- Advice with image selection

The session fee does not include any photos

Photos are $50 per image and include professional retouching. This way you get exactly as many pictures as you want and you don't have to worry about fitting into the right package.

If your ready to #getyourheadshot

Just fill out the form or give me a ring at (720) 619-0046!

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